Welcome to 3rd Estate!

Our mission: Utilize blockchain technologies to make street art ownable and tradable.

The way it works:

  • Locate one of our pieces on the streets. All pieces should be marked with the 3rd Estate logo and a QR code to access our website ( you made it! ).
  • Visit our collection on Rarible to confirm there are available copies of the piece you’ve discovered (https://rarible.com/3rdestate). Each tokenized piece should clearly resemble its physical counterpart.
  • In order to claim a copy of the piece as an NFT, you will need an Ethereum wallet and a Rarible account. If you do not have these, please visit the links below:
  • Navigate to the “Claim NFT” tab and input the necessary information.
  • Once your information has been processed, a copy of the piece (NFT) will be gifted directly to your Ethereum wallet via Rarible. You will receive a confirmation email when the transfer is completed.
  • Again, welcome to 3rd Estate!